Spring in Bishkek

“Spring in Bishkek”,  2020, funded by OSF Kyrgyzstan, talks about the issue of kidnapping of women to force them into marriage.

Spotlight Initiative in Kyrgyzstan“Spring in Bishkek” a mobile game to stop bride kidnapping.Spotlight Initiative in Kyrgyzstan“Spring in Bishkek” a mobile game to stop bride kidnapping.

Imagine you are a first-year student of Bishkek University. Your best friend Altynai is kidnapped by a man she has never seen before. Her family believes it is best for her to marry the kidnapper to avoid shame. Your own progressive dad decides it’s not his place to interfere. You seem to be the only one who dares to try and save Altynay. What will you do?

“Spring in Bishkek” is an interactive novel in 12 chapters produced by Scafander Games Collective in partnership with Open Line Foundation and funded by OSF Kyrgyzstan, Sigrid Rousing Trust and Spotlite Initiative of UNICEF and European Union. It talks about the problem of ala-kachuu, the illegal practice of kidnapping women to force them into marriage.


• Over 150 000 players. 

• 4.7 rating in GooglePlay and AppStore.

• Over 1000 rave reviews from players 

• €7,000 worth of free publicity from mass media and influencers.


“Thank you so much, this is the most incredible and soleful game, it causes so many contradictory emotions, but gives you the feeling of real warmth, love and hope. You made this world a little bit better, can’t wait to see more stories from you! A special WOW to the format of educational notes and tests which allows you to earn the game currency, this is a very useful and easy to use feature!”

“The best game I ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“A very interesting game with useful advice which you will remember your whole life. Thank you so much, developers, I learned a lot from this game. I will know my rights now, and will know what to do in these situations.” 

“This is just unbelievable! I read all chapters in one breath and I’m still very impressed. Very grateful to those who participated in creating this novel, you are amazing. Thank you so much for writing about these insanely important things, raising awareness about it and, of course, for supporting the girls who had to live this nightmare for real. ❤❤❤”

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