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Scafander Games is one of the two leading teams creating educational human rights themed games in the Russian language. We operate through a nonprofit organisation registered in Portugal.

We also successfully implemented two interactive novels (“Spring in Bishkek” and “The Mystery of Sary-Kol”), with results exceeding the planned target and reaching audiences of unprecedented size.

Our first game, Spring in Bishkek (for Kyrgyzstan), has gathered the unprecedented audience of at least 150 000 players, 40% of them being Russians, even though we targeted only Kyrhyz audience in our advertisement. This proves that there’s high demand in the Russian audience for interactive novels touching upon serious subjects.

In total:

• Our games have over 200 000 players in total. 

• We have over 70% conversion rate (out of 10 people who see the game page, 7 download it) 

• Players give us 4.7 stars rating in GooglePlay and AppStore. 

• External assessment (done by University of York) register significant impact on opinions and judgements. Players have been interviewed before and after experience: their understanding of the human rights issue has deepened, behaviour models have changed, and they have been able to recall substantial percentage of advice and information provided in the game. 

We work with carefully picked creators, who have not just outstanding professional portfolios, but also genuine civic motivation. 

Unlike amateur and beginner activist game developers, we pay due attention to all stages of the game production process: we do professional audience research, product design and UX design, develop educational methodology, carefully plan and partially outsource marketing and PR, do in-depth impact assessment after the project implementation. 

We base our product strategy on actual knowledge of our audience, so we invest time and money into the aspects of the game which make a difference to the players, and not to ourselves.


Maria Sereda

Scafander Games founder and content director

Human rights activist with over 25 years of experience, consultant and trainer on communication for non-profits, game writer.

Katerina Miroshnikova

Scafander Games producer

Film and video producer (Design.ru, Mercator), visual communication expert, co-founder of Teensourcing, Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards member, civil and eco activist.


Co-founder and content director
Maria Sereda
[email protected]

Katerina Miroshnikova
[email protected]


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